Hillel Interns

Jessica_Robbins Portrait.JPG

Jess R

Engagement Intern

Class of 2020

Major: Psychology and Political Science

Hometown: Rochester, NY

From Jess: I’m excited to work with Hillel because it will give me a chance to connect more with the Jewish community at UR.I love Jewish life on campus because it allows me to continue being part of a friendly, warm community that I can always go back to.


Adam R

Engagement Intern

Class of 2021

Major: Linguistics

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

From Adam: Jewish culture and life both on and off campus is my favorite culture that I've ever been exposed to, for both a sense of community and the endless amounts of ruach, and I want to work as part of the Hillel team because I want to be a part of the inner works and cultivation of the family.


Joel M

Engagement Intern

Class of 2021

Major: Environmental Health and Philosophy

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

From Joel: I’m excited to learn more about my Jewish identity and meet new people that I can learn from! I love Shabbat on Fridays because even though we are all busy and doing all sorts of different things we still find time to come together to eat and have fun. It’s very nice to have some tradition when life gets so crazy during the school year.


Dalia S

Taglit Birthright Elite Recruiter Fellow

Class of 2020

Major: Brain and Cognitive Science

Hometown: Newton, MA

From Dalia: I wanted to work for Hillel because my recent trip to Israel through Hillel’s Birthright trip and my two month extension has brought me much closer to the land of Israel, and I want to talk about it with as many people as possible, and hopefully get many more people to visit this amazing land with Hillel!