Kosher Dining Options

Kosher Comfort

Located in Douglass Dining Center, Kosher Comfort is a meat kitchen under Orthodox supervision serving Kosher meals to the university population as well as "take out" options in 5 retail locations on River and Eastman campuses. Efforts are being made to provide Kosher options for students and staff at all dining locations soon. 

Hillel Meals

Hillel provides students with Kosher meals for Shabbat and most holidays including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur break fast, and Passover. 

Hillel works with Dining Services to provide Kosher lunches and dinners for Passover where students can use their meal plans. 

Department of Religion and Classics

In the Department of Religion and Classics, students explore the great, classical civilizations of West and East as well as the major religions that emerged from them.

Through the study of classical, biblical, and religious writings, either in the original language or in translation, students examine the beliefs, ideas, values, rituals, and traditions that have shaped Western and Asian cultures.

Our students also learn how the ancient roots of these religions and cultures continue to shape current events.

Center for Jewish Studies

The Center for Jewish Studies of the University of Rochester promotes research, scholarship, and education in Jewish studies. Through courses, publication, lectures, fellowships, and intellectual collaboration, the center aims to increase knowledge in the field of Jewish studies, to provide enriched learning opportunities for students, to contribute to the intellectual life of the University, and to share its resources with the Rochester community.

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