What Is Onward Israel? 

Onward Israel provides 6-10 week internships in Israel, providing you the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Each program is highly subsidized and features a wide variety of placements at leading companies and the opportunity to create your own program. You’ll connect with a winning network of like-minded peers, creating bonds that will last long after your Onward program.


Who Is Onward Israel For?

Onward Israel is designed as a second peer experience in Israel and a Birthright follow-up program. It is intended for Jewish undergraduates and young professionals between the ages of 19-27, who have previously participated in a peer program in Israel. Ideal participants are:

  • Birthright Israel alumni who have not yet returned to Israel on a peer program;


  • Teen travel programs alumni (who are ineligible for Birthright because of their teen travel participation), unless they have:

    • returned to Israel on a MASA program

    • spent more than three months total in Israel after their teen program


Where can I learn more?

Finding the right program for you is important. To help with contact urhillel@ur.rochester.edu or go to the Onward Israel website here to learn more about the different internships they offer.